Hi! About: Picture of Chrissy

I’m Chrissy, or Christina, or.. the food police as my family sometimes calls me, much to my dislike!

I’ve been passionate about delicious food for as long as I remember, from sitting on the kitchen counter aged 6 playing DJ for my dad and stealing mushrooms from his steak dinner preparations (:/ steak I know!) to dancing around my own little kitchen making yummy burrito bowls.. I’ve always been excited about food!

Nowadays though, I’m a LOT more conscious about what’s on my plate. I decided early on in life that I love animals and I’m not interested in eating them, which led to some nutrition research when I got fed up of eating microwavable Linda McCartney lasagnes for every meal.. So that brought me, I guess, to where I am now! Studying a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast in plant-based eating; specifically about the Mediterranean diet, yum!

I decided to start this little blog about plant-based eating to try and share my passion for healthy, scrumptious, cruelty-free food.

I absolutely promise there will be no food policing though! Although I’m personally committed to following a plant-based, vegan diet I understand how challenging it can be to make changes to our eating habits. One of the things I love most about food it its ability to bring people together, and I believe that encouraging healthier diets and more environmentally friendly foods is a battle that can only be won if we all play our part.

Please give me a shout if you have any questions or you’d like to know more at theelephantdiet@outlook.com