An Introduction: say hello!

Please allow me to introduce myself..

I’m a woman of passion and hunger!

I’ve long dreamed of having a little food blog, sharing my culinary masterpieces with someone other than the imaginary audience in my kitchen.

I’ve tried to no avail in the past, wondering what my niche could be, brainstorming 100 blog post ideas but feeling too apprehensive to write or publish more than 2 of those..

But now, at the ripe old age of 25 and having decided that the still pretty niche diet of veganism is the way forward, I’m hoping this first post will open the door to many more.

So before we dive into any recipes or nutritional advice (any ideas you have for these would be very much appreciated, having long lost my list of 100 ideas I wrote as an enthusiastic, clueless 14 year old! Comments below!) I thought I’d let you know a little more about me!

What am I eating today?

I always love to hear what other people are eating.. so here’s my foodie confession for today:

Breakfast= smoothie time! spinach, bananas, mango, chia seeds and ginger blended with filtered water

Snack #1= a handful of cashews

Lunch= wholewheat pasta with a homemade tomato sauce and lots more spinach

Snack #2= half of a wholewheat pitta with hummus

Dinner= thai green curry with loads of veg and some tofu, served with brown rice

What makes me qualified to give nutritional advice?

I have a BSc in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Leeds.

I have a Master’s in Public Health from Queen’s University Belfast.

I’m currently over half way through (ahh!) a PhD in Public Health Nutrition at Queen’s.

I’ve passed lots of exams and read a LOT of research papers to get here. So I have the skills and knowledge required to build healthy recipes and break down the latest research to pass on new information without any jargon.

It’s important to note that I’m not a dietician. I’m well aware of how the term ‘nutritionist’ is abused and that dietitians are often held up as the only experts in the field. What this means, is that I’m not qualified to give advice to those suffering from illness. But I am well qualified to provide information to the general public about how to develop healthier eating habits, and improve your diet without sacrificing taste.

How would I describe my relationship with food?

It’s good, thanks! At least it is now.. I know I’m not alone in having had difficulties with food. While I’ve never had an eating disorder I’ve been in some pretty dark places with my diet. In my late teens I was obsessive about calories, writing down every morsel and exercising out my ‘sins’. This forever led to a cycle of massive calorie deficits and massive binges. I once tried to make myself vomit by drinking mustard powder, that was possibly one of the worst days of my life.. lying on a bathroom floor on my side (as the internet told me to), hoping to throw up, or at least for the pain to stop. The pain gradually subsided with no vomiting.

In my very early twenties I, to my shame (!), thought that the Atkins diet sounded super plausible. I vividly remember reading and highlighting the paperback book, but alas rather than becoming a sexy, skinny, strong woman as promised I was horrifically bloated, sad, and eating full fat Hellmann’s with a spoon. I told you, DARK TIMES.

That’s probably a little too much information. But anyway, all of that food and body negativity served as an education. I knew I couldn’t keep living like that, so with a little research I sought to find a way of eating that enjoyed, that would make me feel healthy, and that was sustainable.

This quest for a diet I could love combined with some soul searching about whether it is ever ok to knowingly eat animal products.. and I found the answer for both in plant-based eating. I hope that you can too.

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